S V M Tilauthu is a well Known Day Bording School Upto Senior Secondry level, Located in the lap of Nature in   Rohtas District, in   Bihar.   It   is  Mannaged   & Run   By   its   Local   Mannaging Committee under the Guidance of Shishu Shiksha Prabhandh Samiti Patna, Bihar.  As Everybody Claim   that  Schools are the Place where students are being thought by adopted system of Methodic Torture. But we have invented an unique idea   beyond this  treditional   thought.   We have   designed a proper routine for a student that really works for is development.

It is a school with a difference. Basic unprecedented in its student a spiritual outlook and a global vision. It teaches them reverence for all people and religions of the world and prepared them to serve humanity at large. It’s student are prepared not just for exams but for the life itself to become conscious and contributing members of the society perceptive agents of change builders of the coexistence and upholders of high moral value.